What is Wild Flora TV?

In a nutshell, it's educational entertainment in wild sustainable floristry.

Wild Flora TV is a monthly mini course in floral design. It’s more like a show because it's entertaining and visually stunning. It’s also educational because we include step by step instruction on design and sustainable floristry plus detailed materials lists so you can try it yourself. 

How Do I Watch It?

You can subscribe for $9.99 to access the latest content every month. When you subscribe, the first show is free. Each new episode is automatically charged monthly. There is no obligation to stick around. You can cancel whenever you like. 

If you prefer a la carte over a subscription, you can buy individual episodes for $12.99.

Why Do You Charge a Fee?

The show is an entirely self produced passion project by myself (Jenevieve of Wild Flora) and Shey of Shey Allen Films. So your fee goes to paying for the expenses of producing the show and keeping us running.

What Do I Get When I Subscribe?

Your subscription gets you the show, including visually stunning lessons and inspiraiton in floral design, 25% off your sustainable floristry gear at Barebones Living and the opportunity to join our community, where you can text me (Jenevieve) directly and ask me questions about my experiences and expertise in wild floral design.

 A portion of your monthly fee is donated by us to organizations that support small local farms (particularly those owned by Black, Hispanic and Indigenous farmers). Supporting family farms and local farms is important to us. You can learn more about our donation partner, the National Black Farmer's Association below.

What Inspired the Show?

Early last spring, hunkered down in my little house in the midst of a pandemic, I realized this floral life of mine has been so much more about creating new experiences for myself and others than any other thing. From mountain top weddings, to remote desert elopements to moonlit dinners in some farmer’s field, I began my floral business as a means to spend a lifetime out in the wild. 

Because I love the wilderness, being a sustainable florist has always been important to me. Sustainable floristry is a daily practice. It takes patience and creativity and the willingness to try new ideas, and to fail at some.

So I partnered with the wonderfully talented Shey Allen Films to invite you along on my floral and foraging adventures, in hopes it will inspired you to dream a bit more about your own relationship with the natural world and how to escape into it just as often as you can.

Meet the Creators

Jenevieve Hubbard

Wild Florist

My name is Jenevieve. I founded my floral company Wild Flora after a particularly inspiring (and pre-hypothermic) moment intentionally lost in a field on a 300 year old farm, up to my knees in snow, clippers in hand, watching a barn owl fly by. I grew up in a native village along the Yukon River in the wilds of Alaska. I spent much of my childhood exploring the forests, rivers and wild iris flanked inlet of the Pacific Ocean. I started my career in floral twenty years ago, first as a horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens, then as a florist at a little flower shop in downtown Denver. I spent another ten years in fine art and graphic design before returning to floral. I began Beehive Floral Co out of a desire to create nature-inspired floral design with a heart for sustainability. My work is locally sourced, sustainably made and wilderness inspired. I currently live and work with a team of incredibly talented florists in my 1911 era studio located in Salt Lake City .

Shey Allen

Film Maker

Espresso enthusiast. Scorpio. Plant mom. Turquoise collector. Obsessed with the desert. Born and raised in Utah, currently in the city with my 2 cats. I've been making videos full time for the last 7 years. Inspired by messy movement and natural light. Specializing in capturing that feeling of being a tiny human in a big vast world.

What our students have to say.

“Beautiful videos made with so much love it's almost tangible! The passion and beauty created by Wild Flora is so inspiring as a new florist. I loved the commitment to sustainable practices while allowing openness and freedom to explore what truly feels right for the student.”

Leandra Arroyo

“I found this course very interesting and informative. It introduces the viewer to the basics of sustainable floristry and touches on some very important practices. Watching and learning from Jenevieve is a joy. Every video is not only visually stunning but you can practically feel her passion for the subject radiating from within. I am excited to continue my learning with Wild Flora as more courses are released.”

Angela Chandler - The Sweet Bee Floral

“This course was inspiring. It is so wonderful to see someone who is passionate about their work and to have them share it with you. I am so excited to utilize what I have learned and to expand my design skills.”

Heather Griffiths - Wasatch Blooms

“I really enjoyed the information on sustainable floristry in this video. Also the design session, actually all of it was very inspiring. Thank you!”

Tracy Bush - Wyo Flower Farm

“I am so excited to institute better more sustainable practices in my floral business, but I didn't know where to start. This course gave me great stepping stones to make the changes I have been longing to make. ”

Maegan Kasteler - Blumes Floral

Why We Support the National Black Farmers Association

Supporting Black, Hispanic and Indigenous Farmers

A portion of the proceeds from every Wild Flora TV episode is donated to the National Black Farmers Association founded by John Wesley Boyd and Kara Brewer Boyd. You can learn more about their diligent work to support Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous farmers at nationalblackfarmersassociation.org.