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A NEW Online Course by Beehive Floral Co.

The 5 Principles of Sustainable Floristry Online Course is a five part series exploring principles to live by in order to pursue a sustainable floral business. It draws from my experience as a wedding and events floral designer, my years of research, and direct experience working on countless events, all of which have allowed me to offer 100% locally and sustainably sourced weddings to my clients.

  • It's filled with practical advice on...

    My favorite tools + supplies. How and where to source your floral. How and where to forage. Foam-free floral design. Cutting down on waste. Creating a community. Giving back.

  • This course is for you if...

    You are brand new to floral design. You are brand new to floral business ownership. You are brand new to sustainable floristry. You are looking to find yourself as a florist. You want to understand your core values as a new business owner.


    This course is geared towards the absolute floral beginner and no prior floral experience is required. That means there is no assumption you have ever picked up a pair of clippers, foraged a branch, or made a floral arrangement.

Future Courses Coming Soon!

If you are a more experienced floral professional or farmer-florist and would like more advanced demos and advice from us on wild floral design and sustainable floristry, please join the Wild Flora Email List for updates on our next courses, geared towards experienced professionals.

What's Included

Nearly a full hour of course content broken into easy to watch sections detailing five basic practices of sustainable floristry and how to integrate them into your floral business plus detailed demonstrations on everything from sourcing your floral to prepping to design geared towards the floral novice. In addition, you'll get the 25-Page Wild Flora Course Companion Booklet, the Getting Started Tools & Supplies List, the Local Flower Farmers List and a promo code for 25% off your gear at Barebones Living.

  • The 25 Page Wild Flora PDF Companion Booklet

  • Getting Started Tools & Supplies List

  • Local Flower Farmers List

  • Promo Code for 25% Off Your Purchase at Barebones Living

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    An Introduction to Sustainable Floristry

    • An Introduction to Sustainable Floristry

    • Principle One - Source Responsibly

    • Principle Two - Bleach-Free Flower Prep

    • Principle Three - Foam-Free Floral Design

    • Principle Four - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    • Principle Five - Keep an Open Heart

    • Wild Flora Workbook - 5 Principles of Sustainable Floristry

    • Wild Flora Flower Farmers List

    • Wild Flora Supplies List


Support Black Farmers

National Black Farmers Association

A portion of the proceeds from every Wild Flora Online course will be donated to the Black Farmers Association founded by John Wesley Boyd and Kara Brewer Boyd. You can learn more about their diligent work to support Black, Hispanic, and Native American farmers at

What our students have to say.

“Beautiful videos made with so much love it's almost tangible! The passion and beauty created by Beehive Floral Co. is so inspiring as a new florist. I loved the commitment to sustainable practices while allowing openness and freedom to explore what truly feels right for the student.”

Leandra Arroyo

“I found this course very interesting and informative. It introduces the viewer to the basics of sustainable floristry and touches on some very important practices. Watching and learning from Jenevieve is a joy. Every video is not only visually stunning but you can practically feel her passion for the subject radiating from within. I am excited to continue my learning with Beehive Floral Co. as more courses are released.”

Angela Chandler - The Sweet Bee Floral

“This course was inspiring. It is so wonderful to see someone who is passionate about their work and to have them share it with you. I am so excited to utilize what I have learned and to expand my design skills.”

Heather Griffiths - Wasatch Blooms

“I really enjoyed the information on sustainable floristry in this video. Also the design session, actually all of it was very inspiring. Thank you!”

Tracy Bush - Wyo Flower Farm

“I am so excited to institute better more sustainable practices in my floral business, but I didn't know where to start. This course gave me great stepping stones to make the changes I have been longing to make. The list of local flower farms is also a going to be a great resource going into the spring and summer months.”

Maegan Kasteler - Blumes Floral